Music tastes are subjective, I acknowledge that. I like most genres, even what I like to call "commercial" ones (you know, those that have a catchy beat that stays in your head all day long, but with really weird, nonsensical lyrics. E.g., Fefe by Tekashi 6ix9ine & Nicki Minaj). But now and then, I crave for singers with a lyrical engineering that is unique to them. So here is my list of singers who managed to create their unique musical identity.

1. SZA

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Her music has been described as RnB with hints of soul, chillwave, witch house, cloud rap and hiphop. Her lyrics touch on sexuality, lost love and nostalgia. Songs I recommend: Ice Moon, Love Galore, Go Gina, Garden, Drew Barrymore, Doves in the Wind (ft kendrick lamar)

2. Francis & The Lights

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Their music can be categorized as pop/ RnB with electronic beats and live vocals. Talking about vocals, the singer has unique vocals. Songs I recommend: Friends (ft Kanye West and Bon Iver), My City's Gone, May I have This Dance (ft Chance the Rapper)

3. Choker

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Now he is VERY new on the scene. His style resembles Frank Ocean's but not in a blatant copy cat way. You can definitely tell he has his own identity into his music. You can find him on Youtube. Songs I recommend: Fuji Unlimited, Drift, Starfruit LA, Moksha, Rocket.

4. A$AP Rocky

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He is a rapper but he has an essence of his own which I cannot relate to other rappers. From his voice to his flow, I adore him. He is one of those "quality over quantity" type of artists. Songs I recommend: Long.Live.A$AP, LSD, Demons, Peso, Excuse Me, fine Whine.

5. Bon Iver

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Folktronica or indie folk can be used to describe his music. Melancholia is the best word to characterize him. Songs I recommend: "33" God, Holocene, "21" Moon water.

6. Lana del Rey

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Her music is reminiscent of the old Hollywood glamour. Due to the tragic romances which she addresses in her lyrics and the cinematic quality of her writing, critics dubbed her genre "Hollywood sadcore". Songs I recommend: Radio, West Coast, national anthem, Off to the races, Summertime sadness, Ride, Dark Paradise.

7. Kendrick Lamar

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Another rapper I appreciate. The new king of Hip-hop calls his music "human music". Honestly, when you listen to his songs, you can clearly discern the complex, confessional and controversial style of writing. He has been labelled as a technical rapper and Billboard described his lyricism as "Shakespearean." Plus, the many voices he uses to evoke different emotions, honestly, mind-blowing. Songs I recommend: Swimming Pools, Duckworth, Money Trees,King Kunta, DNA, GOD, Element, Lust, All the stars (ft SZA).

8. Frank Ocean

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I highly debated including him since i wrote a whole article on him, but he deserves his spot on this list. His music has been described as idiosyncratic with introspective lyrics. Songs I recommend: Nights, Ivy, Provider, Chanel, White ferrari, Lovecrimes.

9. Miguel

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He includes funk, hip hop and electronic styles in his music. Plus his vocals are amazing. He touches a lot on sexuality in his lyrics, but not vulgarly. Songs I recommend: Waves, adorn, Skywalker (feat Travis scott), Pineapple skies.

10. Kali uchis

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She built her aesthetic on the old hollywood glamour and vintage vibes. The soulful music and her soft, sultry voice define her best. Songs I recommend: Tyrant (ft jorja smith), After the storm (ft Tyler the creator), Just a stranger (ft steve lacy)

11. Børns

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His genre consists of psychedelic pop, indie pop and synth-pop. I came across him when he collabed with Lana Del Rey on God Save Our Young Blood and have vibed with him since. Songs I recommend: American money, Faded Heart, Electric love