Why? I think you'd like to ask me why I think so. After all 'soulmate' describes a person who is connected with our soul and heart. This person should be the one we are waiting for our whole life, the one we should get a happy end with, after a perfect life full of fucking happiness. Isn't it? Everyone wants to have his happy end after a hard life full of ups and downs. But no one knows at this point if he gets this happy ending. So you try to make everything possible for this. You try to find your big and real love, the man/woman who loves you like you love him/her. You want to master the challenges of life with him. You want to experience adventure with him and so on.
I could list so much, but in the end you know best what you want to do in life. And with whom.

But babygirl,
with this article I don't want to recall you on your dreams, I want to teach you a lesson in not getting hurt by your soulmate,
It's said he can't hurt you, just because he is your soulmate. But baby he is only human, he is constructed to hurt you.
It's like the president has to be perfect and he is not allowed to make any mistakes, but he even makes mistakes!

I want to tell you a short story about me and my soulmate.
We got to know each other at a festival in our city and exchanged numbers after the second evening. We laughed a lot and understood each other from the very beginning. I quickly realized that he was the one for me. But I was only able to give it a try after three months, where we often met.
I was not necessarily in love with him, he was so incredibly important to me. He knew everything about me. He was my soulmate. and he still is. (It's really hard to talk about him)
I can't tell the whole story and I don't think you're interested in hearing it.
So I skip until the day he first hurt me.
It's easy, he left me alone when I really needed him, although he always asserted that he was there for me. I did not blame him. I always waited for and always ran after him; I did everything for him. I gave him my heart and gave myself up for him. I did not even notice that because I was so glad to know him by my side.

I have a request for you dear reader,
please don't give yourself up for someone else. The only one you should really love till the end of life, is yourself. Nobody can make you happier than you. When you engage with someone you love, he is also in control of loving and hurting you. Don't forget this. Please. Don't let him hurt you, you're too pretty to cry because of a damn soulmate.

I destroyed my relationship because of him and I'm also still pushing someone away who really love me. Don't do the same.

There was a time when I was happy and thought of nothing bad. This time can be found in this article ->

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