He paints you a picture of water colored skies and landscapes, a divine so captivatingly sweet that you’re caught within the abyss of a bewitchingly, dawn tinted sky. But when the perfect sunset becomes dawn tinted transparent streaks across the veneer—while embraced by screaming, shouting, and diamond tears— you’ll want a sympathizer in your corner, a friend.

The picture he painted for you was just that—a picture perfect reorientation of who he coveted you to see. And sure, his eyes might shine like the crystal rays of the bluest ocean, his hands may be dripping with gold and feel like a gentle serenity with each embrace, but don’t forget about the ones that stand behind you. Don’t forget the ones in the shadows holding you up whenever the going gets dense, like when the waves begin to collapse against a rocky shore, or when the relationship consumes you like a tornado on death row.

At the end of the day, he will only allow you to recognize the things he wants you to see, at some point, you will realize that the extreme sunset of pastel colors has black streaks running through it. The hands of ochroid are covered in soot and aren’t as flawlessly tender as they perceive to be.

You want a friend that won’t let you get laced between the tears and his lies of excuses. A companion that can see how far you are consumed within the grasps of his golden hands. You’ll need a friend to listen to all the stories, both the good and the bad, a friend that understands the things you cannot tell him.

The rose colored glasses shield your eyes from what everyone else observes and sure, things are always better seen through rose-colored glasses, but the clear covering needs to be raised and it is time to see things from a different view.
The hands of ochroid might feel like a wonderful safe haven as you lay your heart in the palms of someone else, but the truth is; you never know when the golden hands of love will hold your heart too tight for its own good. You never know when the grips someone else has on your heartstrings will do more damage than good.

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This article was written by @nataliporzia on the We Heart It Writers Team