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Today I am back with my End of autumn lookbook, as we are nearing an end on this lovely month & approaching the winter period. Do you guys think I should continue this series? If so either heart or react to this article!♡
I actually have a group project for tomorrow, but my group is really slacking it off, so I'm taking breaks in between doing that & writing this article.
Todays article will be a bit different from the last two, so please tell me which form you prefer!

Look 1

fashion, style, and necklace image fashion, jeans, and black image braid, fashion, and girl image accessories, fashion, and jewelry image
A light coloured sweater, dark blue trousers, braided hair & dainty gold jewelry.

Look 2

earings, lips, and white image fashion, girl, and style image hair, girl, and hairstyle image accessories, chic, and fashion image
A tight turtleneck long-sleeved shirt, a dress with thin straps on top of it, tights or knee high socks if it's cold, long flowing hair & rings adorning your fingers.

Look 3

Temporarily removed autumn, brown, and pale image girl, jeans, and style image Temporarily removed
A black turtleneck shirt, cardigan, a big jacket, dark-wash or black jeans & hair braided in two.

Look 4

fashion, style, and girl image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, denim, and style image hair and hairstyle image
A light coloured soft sweater, light-wash jeans, denim jacket & hair in a ponytail with a scrunchie.

Look 5

Temporarily removed Image by tokyoO_o fashion, coffee, and beige image necklace, jewelry, and style image
Button up with a bow, black skirt with black tights, a long caramel coloured coat, statement necklace & black ankle boots with heels (if you want).

Look 6

Image removed Temporarily removed aesthetic and soft image hair image
A knitted sweater, black jeans, low messy bun, quirky jewelry & a book or the newspaper, to read while eating your breakfast.

Look 7

inspiration, tumblr, and fashion image fashion, girl, and gold image hair, girl, and blonde image book, autumn, and fall image
Silk shorts, cardigan buttoned up, loose hair & a book in hand. Fluffy socks on your feet or pretty ballerinas for walking around.
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