Today I'm gonna talk about CHRISTMAS !
I'm a little earlier (october) but it doesn't matter.

- first, Christmas is a moment of share, we are with our family and this is something that makes really comfortable. In fact being out of school and seeing people who love u is soo good for urself.
- During Christmas, I try to help the most people I can because in my head I'm a child and I'm like oh santa claus will not come if I'm not kind ! It seems stupid but I promise u that Believe in it change ur Christmas. And it's funny.
-After a day of school, Nothing is better than going back home. My home is extremly decorate and it smells cinnamon bc my mom cooked a cake. Believe me,when ur home is christmasly (is it English ?) decorate u feel so safe,so good.

That's all for the moment I will share lots of articles about Christmas so if ur interested follow me !
love love love