Heeey everyone :)

Sooo I've seen a lot of these types of articles around and I wanted to try it out myself and meet some new people :)
I don't care about your gender, race, sexuality ect... I just need more friends hah

Let me tell you a couple of things about me:
- My name is Lea, I'm 17(Taurus)
- I'm from Croatia
- I can speak Croatian and English, I have been learning German for years but I'm not good at it at all (but I guess I can speak it a little bit)
- I loveee tv shows (some of my favs are: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Lucifer, Riverdale, Friends, Teen Wolf, The Big Bang Theory and a lot more...)
- I also love movies and music (my fav artists are JB, 1D and Ed Sheeran)
- I love gaming (mostly Sims 4)
- I love cats and dogs

Dm me if you want be friends :) (as long as you're 16-19 :) )

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