Hi guys! Here I'm again…

I left so many things behind. Yet I can’t seem to leave you.

Pulling that door I knew I was going to leave everything behind.
I would be leaving you behind.
Leave you in my past.

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I knew while walking away that I should not look back.
If I did I would lose it.
Would doubt my decision.
Run back to you.

Deleting the pictures you sent me I knew it was over.
The things we did would only be a memory.
Your face would slowly fade from my memory.
You would slowly disappear into my past.

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While deleting your number I knew I would never talk to you again.
I did not know if I was ready yet.
I did not know if you were ready.
I did it so fast so I could not doubt to long.

After everything was deleted I felt empty.
I didn’t feel like doing anything.
I just cried.

You had already left.

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So this was it guys I hope you liked it!
Hope I'll see you in my next article. xoxo