Hi lovely hearters,today I'll tell some tips for articles.How they are unique with inspiration...and lots of things about a special article .There are too many ideas for articles and today I'll will tell how they can be successful .Let's start now.


The title of your article it should describe your article with the best way.One or two adjectives must include all that you show and write in your articles.Try to do your title as specific as possible so everyone will know what they will read and you will have more readers.A good idea is first to find the topic of your article and finally write the title when you get a complete picture of the article.General write an attractive and unique title.

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If you like to write articles the first thing you have to do is inspire from your life,everything you want to share .You can tell about your food,outfits,home,routine ... Something expresses yourself. A story of your past that means something more to you.You can tell a future plan,a time of your life,an unforgettable moment .Show yourself...Something by you.

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You can give useful tips about outfits , hairstyles , diet , relax , studying, decoration , happy or tips about life...All tips must be analytically and explanatory with examples . Tips always need pictures but need good searching especially in fashion,hairstyles and decoration articles.All tips need work and time.

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Suggest famous films or seasonal e.g Movies to see in Autumn or tell you faves movies.In songs you can write lyrics.Say Netflix movies or say your opinion . You can do an article about your favorite actors and singer . General about famous people.

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If you like I will do part 2 do you want???
Hope you liked!!!