Hey, what's up? Here are some of the things I do every fall. I love fall so much my favourite season. So here you go. Enjoy!

1. drink loads of tea!

I mean, is there something better than drinking hot tea when it is cold outside? NO! I am addicted to green tea and cinnamon tea. Love it!

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2. Wear cute sweaters and jumpers all the time!

Finally it is cold outside and I have an excuse to wear the cutest sweaters all the time! They are just sooo cozy and comfortable.

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3. read spooky books!

It is Halloween season! Time for spooky stories and thrilling books!

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4. watch all Harry Potter movies!

I love Harry Potter and even though I know every movie by heart they never get old. I am so exited to watch all the movies again.

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5. bake fancy cakes and cookies!

Baking is a great hobby! Use Pumkin Spice, cinnamon or apple for the perfect fall flavour!

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6. take cute pics!

The weather is good and you don not know what to do? Go outside and take some super cute pics!

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7. draw and paint some cute stuff!

I really like to be creative. Even if you think you are not able to paint or draw, try it! It is so much fun.

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See you soon!

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