「Name」: Kim Chaeyoung

「Nationality」: Korean

「Age」: 18

「Birthday」: July 12, 2000

「Zodiac Sign」: Cancer

「Height」: 5'5


white, aesthetic, and tumblr image ulzzang, girl, and asian image
Tall, skinny, black straight shoulder-length hair, dark brown eyes, and pale skin ❃


always, happy, and quote image funny, childish, and quotes image
❃ Bright ❃ Serious when she needs to ❃ Caring ❃ Childish in a good way ❃


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❃ Dark Colors ❃ Street Style ❃ Comfy and kinda loose ❃

❃ Dancing
❃ Singing
❃ Shopping
❃ Listening to music

❃ Rice cakes
❃ Autumn and Winter
❃ Cute stuff

❃ Scary things

「Where she lives」

❃ Cheongdam-dong, South Korea ❃


Temporarily removed rainbow, girl, and friends image aesthetic, asian, and asian boy image friendship, friends, and ulzzang image
❃ She has an older sister [Jiwon] ❃


gfriend, eunha, and kpop image ulzzang, girl, and korean image ulzzang image aesthetic, asian, and girls image
✿ Somin ✿ Lilah ✿ Soojin ✿ Hyunjin


asian, couple, and kfashion image couple, ulzzang, and boy image couple, love, and sunset image couple and ulzzang image
❁ Lee Mark (NCT) ❁


dog, puppy, and cute image
❁ Coco ❁