gazing out window for an hour in thought

looking up facts about an area

asking to stop by the road to look at the scenery every 20 minutes

listening to their own music on their earbuds

friends, travel, and guitar image travel, map, and car image discover, grunge, and outdoor image travel, surf, and beach image

picks out the music

plays I Spy with the ravenclaw

pets the horses and cows on the side of the road

is the official Bringer of Snacks

Temporarily removed discover, adventure, and aesthetic image hair goals, fashion, and germany image dessert, photography, and border collie image

calls shotgun every time

argues over the music with the gryffindor

puts feet up on the dashboard and starts off the karaoke competition

shares earbuds and annoyed looks with the ravenclaw as the Ggryffindor and hufflepuff loudly jam out to their own music

adventure, girl, and lifestyle image light, adventure, and autumn image travel and photography image adventure, car, and landscape image

argues against wearing a seatbelt, but finally is persuaded by the hufflepuff

eats most of the food

the driver for most of the time

opens the sun roof and stands up while yelling into the wind

speeds down the highways

america, bridge, and california image Temporarily removed flowers, girl, and nature image autumn, fall, and road image

who are you when travelling? show your house pride

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