Hey bb's, take in mind i'm writing this article at 10:20 am partially recovering from possibly one of my worst hangover's this year. Anyway, here are just some little cures that seem to keep me from jumping of the balcony.
/!\ DISCLAIMER /!\ I am in no way promoting heavy drinking, these are just some tips i have learned though experience (and btw it's not that fun in the end)


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your bed is probably your best friend at this point. Your body is tired from last night and has induced a lot of toxins that you need to try and get rid of. Staying in bed is really going to help with the headache and help you relax. Sleeping is aways the best remedy. context_page=2&context_type=user&context_username=darkxrainbow


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This seems pretty obvious i know but water really helps purify and wash all the bad toxins in your body after a night of drinking so go to town and drink tons of bottles of waters


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Another great remedy. Taking a nice warm bath is really soothing. You kinda just lie there all nice and warm. It also really helps if your stomach hurts.

honey, jam & juice

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If you spent most of your night over a toilet seat, eating might not seem so appealing the morning after. Anyhow, honey and jam help with your stomach since they are rich in fructose which helps bring back some calories and strengthen your metabolism. Fruit Juice, on the other hand, works kinda like jam and water combined.


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This sounds unbearable i know but trust me. Basically i've noticed that if you're feeling like shit but you have to go meet someone, you tend to want to hide the fact that your facing a hangover and by doing that it helps a lot since sickness is sometimes mostly mental rather than physical. Also by getting ready and going out, you get your body back into exercising a bit which also helps a lot

That's it guys, by the time you've done all these things your hangover has probably practically been cured, if not just get back home and relax/sleep some more ! Thanks for reading hope you enjoy.