so im here with a part 2 of my previous article! enjoy <3

Harry potter books

book, harry potter, and autumn image Temporarily removed

art supplies

art, paint, and colors image aesthetic, art, and theme image

cute pajamas

Calvin Klein, grey, and CK image outfit, fashion, and girl image


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed


Temporarily removed Image removed

makeup palettes

makeup, red, and eyeshadow image makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image

eyeliner (or your eye makeup)

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It

freckles (you can also draw super cute dots on your nose and cheek area with paint!)

blue eyes, freckles, and girl image makeup, style, and eyeliner image

lacy dresses

fashion, style, and beauty image Mature image


aesthetic and rose image Temporarily removed


aesthetic, blue, and buildings image blue, clouds, and cloudy image


Temporarily removed

some extra things for ya'll:

  • art journals
  • rainbows
  • neon signs
  • spectacles
  • hairstyles
  • trees
  • water reflection
  • flower in hair
  • roses
  • hoodies
  • plants/succulents
  • cars
  • pets
  • cars
  • streets
  • people
  • paintings
  • mountains
  • crystal balls
  • sweaters
  • vintage maps/globes
  • fruits
  • statues
  • shoes
  • cigerattes

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