reasons to date a gryffindor

  • everything they do is so luminous and breathtaking you can’t look away
  • they make you feel sun-kissed
  • kissing in the sunset
  • feeling nostalgia as you are living in the moment
  • old songs on the radio
  • conversations with them makes you fall in love with the world
  • smiles during kisses and a signature perfume
  • magic tumbles from their lips
  • nothing makes them happier than seeing you happy too
  • they make you crave sunlight, and ignites a desire to become a better person
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reasons to date an hufflepuff

  • they make you feel the way your favourite color palette feels
  • their eyes remind you of honey
  • fuzzy lambs and soft animals make them more excited than anything
  • kisses as soft as dandelions and cheeks that turn pink at the slightest acts of affection
  • their hair carries flowers and vanilla in the wind
  • peach daydreams and pretty words that they are too shy to send
  • telling them your thoughts feels like confiding in the moon
  • they make you feel the sweetest kind of comfort
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reasons to date a ravenclaw

  • they have a soft heart that is continuously being healed and broken
  • they're a poet that associates every little thing with a person or a memory
  • romantic bullet journals filled with dreams and poems and plane tickets
  • road trips together under the starlit sky, but also lazy afternoons on the sofa
  • photographs can’t capture their entire beauty
  • they make you want to do everything and be everything
  • best recommendations on books and movies
  • they make you excited to be alive
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reasons to date a slytherin

  • the longest hugs where they refuse to let go
  • soft music in the background
  • sleeping on your shoulder in the car
  • their eyes full of stories
  • long conversations about the meaning of life in the darkness
  • actually good at flirting
  • they can act emotionless, but they melt in your arms
  • temptation to stay in bed during the daylight and stay awake until dawn
  • they make you appreciate midnights and find love in silent moments
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who would you rather date?

hope you liked it!