These are the best visuals in kpop girl groups, they're not in a specific order.
Remember, this is just my opinion

°Twice - Sana

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how can someone be this rude and cute at the same moment?

°Pristin - Xiyeon

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her features are just so pretty, she looks like an angel to me

°Red Velvet - Irene

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she's a queen

°AOA - Seolhyun

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she's pretty, you can't deny it

°Busters - Chaeyeon

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she's my baby!!

°CLC - Eunbin

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omg so pretty!!

°WJSN - Cheng Xiao

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there was a time when i was in love with her

°fromis_9 - Jisun

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i just can stare at her beauty for hours

°(G)idle - Soojin

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she's so hot!

°Girls' Generation - Seohyun

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her visuals are so mature

°IOI - Chungha

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i loved her when she was in ioi and now she's one of my fav solo artist

°IZ*ONE - Chaewon

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cutie pie!

°Loona - Chuu

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omg i love her so much

°Lovelyz - Mijoo

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she's so extra!

°Oh My Girl - Seunghee

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i love her personality

°Weki Meki - Doyeon

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she's one of my favorite kpop visuals, i think her features are somehow western, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR DOYEON? I WANT TO SEE YOU AT A VICTORIA SECRET FASHION SHOW!!

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Here's an extra gif for you guys!

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