Its 3:00AM , the sky is LILAC full of clouds ,I can barely notice the moon,EDEN's music on my ears,feeling the rythm and every word he is singing,all i got on mind is YOU,knowing that we cant be together,and I am trying so hard to move on and forget you,the more I try the more I want you beside me,cuddlin' btwm your warm arms,safety,that is how I need my day to end,the comfort I am looking for,makes me secure n relaxed,we all know that I was dumb and numb back that time where everything has shattered,excuse me for breaking your heart,but will I have the guts to excuse myself for it,at that exact same moment my heart stopped beating for anyone,you were my home,my escape from the cruel reality, you were the one who colored my life with happiness and hope,we had promises,im still into them,and I tried to stood by you even if I am dying from the inside out,cose you were my lover,my best friend,my man,you were MINE once,I LOVED....LOVE YOU since day one and to show you that I am not easy one to go I used to say:I may like you but I will love you by the time....
Those are our own memories or maybe my memories,my favorites.
I messed up,I was a fool,I cant let you go,you promised you won't leave.
Let me tell you,that time...I WAS UNDER PILLS, an OVERDOSE, didnt realise what I am doing what I am saying untill the effects are GONE. At that moment I knew I SCREWED UP! BADLY...VERY BADLY.
Karma did turned out back to me,I see that you are fine,it is kind of relaxing at least that is what I see,you are doing good,ready for life,confronting and passing the struggles....
Sometimes,reason to cry,only hearing your name,that will overwhelm my heart and turn me drowning on my own tears-me rn-.