I'm searching for a long term internet best friend! Girls am I the only one without an internet best friend? I need someone who I can send memes to at 3am, someone who I can text anytime and I won’t feel anxiety talking to them, , throw support at each other whenever it’s needed and basically someone like my other half...let's talk about our struggles, share things and laugh and cry together
If you are interested in being friends w me please text me! I promise i'm not that intense lol I just want a friend who texts me all the time and I can send selfies to and share Timothée Chalamet pics lmao

Here's some things about me!
1.- I am 24 years old but i prefer my age as 21 year old with 3 year experience
2.- My name is arif
3.- I'm obsessed with music (I can chat for hours about music)
4.- I also love watching tv shows (some of my favs are friends, that's 70 show, riverdale, friends with better lives, Jack Ryan's, shameless, betrayal , etc)
5.- I have a job, engineer!

friends, joey and Chandler

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Pls be at least 21 (I don't wanna feel weird), don't text me if you are not going to answer back or talk just a few days, I want meet one day type of energy

So text me if you would like to chat and be friends!