「Name」: Harumi Nakamura

❁ 春美 "spring beauty". From Japanese 春 (haru) "spring" and 美 (mi) "beautiful"
❁ From Japanese 中 (naka) meaning "middle" and 村 (mura) meaning "town, village".

「Nationality」: Japanese

「Age」: 20

「Birthday」: June 21 1998

「Zodiac Sign」: Gemini

「Height」: 5'4


asian girl, brunette, and korea image korean, makeup, and eye image fashion, korea, and pale skin image girl, aesthetic, and asian image
❁ Tall, skinny, long straight black hair (sometimes she paints it), black eyes (wears contacts all the time) and pale skin ❁ Natural and fresh beauty ❁


aesthetic, art, and artist image Temporarily removed beauty, quotes, and everything image quotes, text, and inspiration image Temporarily removed Image by 🖼☆ I S A ☆🖼
❁ Super sweet ❁ Really girly ❁ Helpfull, Cheerfull and Kind ❁ Smiley and Giggly ❁ Crazy, funny and loud ❁ Easy going and Friendly ❁ Sees the beauty in everything ❁ Girl Power ❁ Confident and Genuine ❁ Pretty emotional

「Tattoos and Earrings」

gemini, inspiration, and tatoo image
❁Gemini tattoo to resemble her zodiac sign❁
accessories, bracelet, and details image aesthetic, piercing, and dark image
❁ right ❁ ❁ left ❁


Image removed casual, clothes, and clothing image Image by アニ asian fashion, dress, and kfashion image Temporarily removed kfashion, korean, and outfit image shoes, pink, and heels image bracelet, pink, and pearls image
❁ Classy and girly ❁ white and pink ❁ heels all the time ❁

❁ Denim Jackets and Cardigans
❁ Flowers and fresh patterns
❁ Skirts
❁ Blouses
❁ Dresses
❁ Vintage touch
❁ Accessories

❁ Hangs out with friends and family
❁ Takes pictures and paints
❁ Plays the piano and violin
❁ Listens to music
❁ Practices ballet

❁ Music
❁ Ballet
❁ Taking picture
❁ Makeup
❁ Anime and Manga
❁ Playing instruments
❁ Flowers and Animals
❁ Art

❁ Hatefull people
❁ Dirty places
❁ Judgy people

「Where she lives」

gif, japan, and tokyo image neon, tokyo, and blue image iphone, japan, and tokyo image japan, street, and asia image japan, city, and tokyo image Image removed
❁ Tokyo, Japan❁


❁ She is an only child


Image by ๖ۣۣۜSᴇᴍᴘᴀɪ couple and lesbian image aesthetic, alternative, and black image asian, girl, and ulzzang image girl, ulzzang, and friends image asian, korean, and korean cute image
❁ Has a best friend who now lives in Korea [Ayame Himura] ❁


girl and korean image anime, korean, and kdrama image asian, christmas, and couple image couple, asian, and boy image
❁ Adachi Yuto (Pentagon) ❁


grey cat, kitten, and scottish fold image cat, cute, and animal image
❁ Genki ❁ Kasumi ❁