my “all things sad” playlist.

sleeping with sirens - hole in my heart
twenty one pilots - truce
jesse rutherford - drama
mayday parade - miserable at best
twenty one pilots - fall away
ed sheeran - even my dad does sometimes
coldplay - midnight
my chemical romance - the jetset life is gonna kill you
the smiths last night i dreamt that somebody loved me
pierce the veil - one hundred sleepless nights
all time low - remembering sunday
sum 41 - handle this
you me at six - take on the world
against the current - dreaming alone
bts - just one day
harry styles - from the dining table
bts - stigma
it looks sad. - nagoya
bts - hold me tight
ed sheeran - this
the fray - never say never
coldplay - fix you
5 seconds of summer - the girl who cried wolf
daughter - youth
paramore - the only exception
mayday parade - stay
bo burnham - art is dead
with confidence - long night
harry styles - two ghosts
mayday parade - terrible things
seventeen - don’t wanna cry
bts - butterfly
chanyeol - stay with me
moose blood - it’s too much
my chemical romance - cancer
the neighbourhood - stuck with me
marina and the diamonds - obsessions
anarbor - freaking out!
muse - time is running out
my chemical romance - i’m not okay (i promise)
marina and the diamonds - the outsider
my chemical romance - this is how i dissapear
my chemical romance - sleep
marina and the diamonds - numb
fall out boy - our lawyer made us change the name of the song so we wouldn’t be sued

what is a song you need when you’re sad? reblog if you like the list please, it means a lot to me!