Hello, I've seen a lot of people make seasonal playlists this past month, so I decided to make one myself. With some songs I've really enjoyed listening to this fall, of course. Hope you like them too!

A couple of my favs are...

Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood

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Void and R.I.P. 2 My Youth are also bops.

Simultaneously - P.Keys (feat. D.So)

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Everyone should listen to it.

Better - Khalid

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Falling Down - Lil Peep (feat. XXXTENTACION)

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Girls Like Me - Will Joseph Cook

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Wait - NoMBe

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Young Hearts is also worth a mention because it's beautiful.

Falling - Why Don't We

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In Too Deep is also a great song. Okay, their whole album is great.

Here's the link to the full playlist:

(PS. The title is in Swedish.)