I miss you.
I miss your hand on mine.
I miss your voice pushing through myself.
I miss the way you held me when I break.
I miss your body next to mine.
I also miss you telling me that I was worth it. That I worth it.
And I miss the way you reminded me that I am capable to do whatever I want to.
I miss every fucking thing of you.
I miss the person that I used to be.
I miss the person that you made me discover inside myself.
I even miss the memories of you, with me.

I miss you so, so much. Sometimes it makes me sick and sad. And suddenly, all I want to do is lay by your side in silence.
Because even the silence is better with you.
I miss your hugs and your laugh.
I miss you arms around me and the home feeling that it used to bring me.
I miss your mouth on my forehead.
I miss your mouth on my mouth and your sincere kisses.
Everything gets easier with you.
Breath it's easier with you.
Life it's easier with you.
Because right now, I see my world in black and white and I want it to be colorful. I need it to be colorful.
So, I ask again, where are you?

I need to beg, please babe, don't you ever forget me, because I could never forget you. You will always be mine and I will miss you forever.

Because I miss you and I am still here, waiting for you to come and hug me, saying that you miss me the way I miss you.
Where are you babe? Come to me, I'm not going anywhere. At least not without you.
I will always be here for you.
I will always be here missing you.
And I know that I will always be here loving you.