Hi Hearters !

For a few weeks now, I have woken up at 5 AM every Friday. Not to exercise, not to meditate, but to attend an 8 AM lecture. I only have classes in the morning, but still... How can you make it not that harsh ?

Want some tips ? Here they are !

Reduce your routine... and grab some more sleep

Technically speaking, I haven't waken up at 5 AM. Why ? Because I have re-organized my morning routine so that I could grab 20 minutes of sleep. And yes, when you wake up so early, 20 more minutes of sleep are heaven.

  • I have reduced my make-up to concealer and eyebrows. And honestly, I really don't care. I love myself. And if someone came at me to tell me : "Oh, you look tired" or "Oh, you look different, right ?", I would just burst out laughing.
  • I prepare my bag entirely the day before. Usually, I still have some stuffs to had, but on Friday morning, everything is already packed.
  • I pick my clothes the day before and I choose comfortable pieces (sweatshirts, jeans, etc.). Because as I said, I really don't care what the others think, and I'm too tired to have a complex about it. I'm comfortable, and that's all that matters.
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  • Hairstyles, let's talk about it ! I just let my hair down, or I put them into a ponytail.
  • If you want to save some more sleep, pack your breakfast the day before and eat it during your train journey, for example.

Find a reason to get up

Why do I get up so early ? To go to a class that I chose, and that is just captivating. I'm not kidding, this is my favorite course of the year so far. This is my reason to get up and still be in a good mood. Here are some ideas if this is not your case :

  • Having lunch with friends after your classes.
  • Go shopping.
  • Watch a film / read a good book in the evening.
  • Wear that new piece of clothing you have just bought.
  • Listen to this new album that has just launched.

Don't do what you don't want to do (except going to class)

Put your hands up if you don't want to be talked to before at least 9 AM ? Yeah, me too. So I just avoid people who are too talkative (except my family and closest friends). It doesn't mean that all other people are annoying, it just means that I get annoyed.

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You have an excuse to be a diva, use it !

Treat yourself

I have already written an article about how to survive university, and this was an important part of it.

The main point is : if you want to eat a muffin, go for it. If you want to read a good book before class starts and you have a little time left, go for it. You deserve it.
To sum up, put yourself in a positive mood. If you wake up and you already have a negative feeling, it's going to be really difficult to survive through the day.

Get more sleep after that horrible morning

I must admit I'm lucky to take that class on Friday, so that I can get a little more sleep on Saturday and Sunday. For all the people who wake up at 5 AM (or earlier) every day : you are heroes. I don't know how you do it.

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Here it is ! I hope you found that article helpful !

XOXO, Ems.