Look 1

fashion, girl, and hair image body, black, and fitness image bag, dior, and luxury image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Black with gold details is a golden duo

Look 2

style, fashion, and outfit image fashion, style, and girl image fashion, girl, and gucci image fashion, style, and outfit image
Black paired with animal print can n e v e r go wrong

Look 3

fashion, girl, and style image fashion, outfit, and summer image Image removed fashion, girl, and outfit image
Black on black on black on black on black on....

Look 4

accessories, black, and dior image accessories, bag, and black image dior, fashion, and shoes image bag, accessories, and black image
Keep it in the accessories

Look 5

Temporarily removed beautiful, eyes, and girl image Image removed beauty, chic, and classy image
Keep the small, but sufficient, black details in your makeup

Thanks for reading and hope you got some inspiration for your next outfit!
Love, Kris.

If you have any requests or ideas for Fashionable colors pt. 4, please feel free to message me!