Hi guys! Actually this is my first article on We Heart It and i don't even know if people will see it, but still. I'm not English, neither American. I speak french and i'm not even french haha. But ask me if you want me to do more articles about me for example i love writing in english and it help me improving my language.
So today's article is about BULLET JOURNAL because i love journaling so much. Writing is my biggest passion. I'm writing stories but only in french and i hope i'll become a wonderful author, one day. Bullet journal is a way for me to be more organized and God knows i really need to be organized. I've seen a lot of videos on youtube about planning and productivity and i just wanna follow these steps right now.

My mother bought me a beautiful notebook on september but i didn't use it yet. I started high school this year and i don't have really good marks in class and it makes me sad because i'm a good student. I also have a lot of projets like writing a book, i also started guitar and rollerskates and i really need to organize my time to be productive in these things.

This is my ideas for pages on my bujo:

-new words
-monthly goals
-month vizualisation (calendar, important dates,...)
-healthy habits tracker (water, food, workout, height)
-daily to-do list
-books to read
-netflix (movies and shows)
-playlist of the month
-birthdays page
-recipes to try
-guitar songs
-future projects
-meal plan and ideas
-inspiration page
-schedule planner: journaling, social medias, writing, activites, school, self care

If you have any other ideas don't hesitate to tell me! I'm open to everyone.
Love you guys,