jung whee in · 휘인
mamamoo and wheein image mamamoo and wheein image

april 17, 1995, Jeonju, South Korea

member of mamamoo (rbw)
lead vocalist, lead dancer
angel line
solo debut on april 17, 2018

mamamoo and wheein image alternative, animals, and beautiful image

fav things about her

solar, whee in, and hwasa image flowers, pink, and plants image
eyes, voice, dimple, tattoos ; loudness, personality, delicate heart ;

to dedicate

girls, kpop, and lq image aesthetic, girls, and neutral image book, art, and aesthetic image wheein image
lilac and nude tones ; art ; cats and rainy days ; kisses on the neck ; loud laugh ; aires zodiac

songs to dedicate

mamamoo, wheein, and kpop image aesthetic, quotes, and theme image
dimple (bts) the chance of love (tvxq)

ideal date

aesthetic, alternative, and feed image love, girlfriend, and skate image
late night picnic ; draw together and talk about books and art.
wheein, kpop, and mamamoo image aesthetic, black, and dark image
my name's Alessia. I write and create. well, I try.
you can find me on instagram and wattpad as @/pensatilibero.