C'mon don't listen to those breathing morons. You're death. You.are.death they should be scared at you, not you being scared at them.

Well you're not scared scared at them.

But you're scared at being attacked by such words again. Being judged. Knowing that you should rip their throats out of their neck right at the very moment.

But you can't just do that. It's against the rules. You sho--

"Talking shit about yourself inside that skull of yours?"

A voice behind me says, cutting off my thoughts.

"Fuck off"

He just giggled at my remark and sat beside me, His strong cologne hurting my nose. But I didn't complain.

"You know you can put this scythe of yours to good use."

"You know it's totally against the rules."

"Just reminding you."

He scrunches his nose

I looked at him with eyes squinting in irritation. But he, once again, just giggled it off pulling out his packet of cigar, and pulled out one stick. Lighting it up.

"How many times do I have to tell you that smok--"

"How many times do I have to tell you that I'm not here for a long time, I'm here for a good time."

I gave up.

"Whatever you never listen to me anyways."

"Do I ever listen to anyone?"

"Fun fact about yourself"

I said standing up and fixing my long black cloak.

He gave his cigar a last deep breath before flicking it somewhere and puffing it out on my face.


I started to walk away from him, but hell he kept on following me.

"What do you want?"

My voice turned into a demonic like, I felt my eyes glowing into a feiry blood red.

As if he didn't mind that, he shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh I don't know maybe start doing your job because the earth is getting overpopulated? oh wait, is overpopulated"

"Thank you for stating the obvious."

I let my eyes get back to it's cold dark tone.

"That's good isn't it? More people to lead, More people to fight for money, More people to suffer."

"I don't know with you, but this place?"

He draws an invisible big circle with his finger as he scans his surrounding.

"Is Hell."

I snickered before looking up to him saying,

"At least it's not overpopulated."

I shrugged my shoulders as I walk pass him.

I heard his arms flap on his sides and lets out a heavy sigh.


He walked infront of me tucking his hands in his jeans.

"Whatever those pesky idiots say about you. Say about your clothing? The way you style? Who cares."

"I do"

I whispered.

"I know that. . but do they ever know the reason why you wear that? Who's the only. . person? well you're not a person but I'll address you as one, . . for now."

I rolled my eyes before saying.

"I'm the only 'person' that wears this."


He says with a jump and smile.

"The point is?"

He lets his wide grin down ninto a softer one.

"The point is. . it's your own label, .... if you'd say it like that. It's what makes you you , it's what reminds us about you. 'A cloak? oh death that guy'"

I let out a scoff.

"Let them say what they want, besides,. . "

He eyes my scythe.

"You have this little toy of yours."

I shook my head in disbelief. But he's right.

"Hm, I guess you're right."

"When was I ever wrong?"

He says with such confidence in his voice.

I rolled my eyes. Before letting out a word that made my book appear infront of me.

"Way to trigger my inner curious cat"

I swear I saw his eyes sparkle .

he was slowly leaning in to get a closer look. But I didn't let him.

I pulled the book up to my face (if I even have one) to cover the contents from him.

"Of course."

I scanned the book that I used to look at every minute, scanning through names and names of people.

I closed the book before snapping it out of my face, and gripped my scythe tighter in my grasp.

"Welcome new employee."

He teases.

"I never resigned."

I rolled my eyes.

"So you got fired?"

I shook my head and walked pass him, this time with a bright mood.

ugh he's really annoying

Image by Joanna
credits to the owner of the photo I used for this article

Credits to the person who gave an idea and inspired me to create this short: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/ARhyLbED-oXLRCNBK0YHUT0tai_nKN1zzta1vFuWKDdlNCJLQZMxCik/