Hello loves! So, i figured since the holidays are approaching i would share some of the best travelling tips and hacks that i have learned over the years! ♡

✰| buy a small backpack/ suitcase
→ purchasing smaller luggage can help you to pack lighter and minimise any unnecessary belongings.

✰| don't be afraid to use a map
→ looking at a map may make you look like a tourist but it isn't as bad as getting lost.

✰| the perfect seat
→ on international flights, book window seats so you can rest your head on the bulkhead. Also, book seats close to the front so you can beat everyone to the passport control line.

✰| when you go out take only what you need
→ limit the amount of cash and credit cards you carry with you, so if something does happen you can recover easier.

✰| extra copies of important documents
→ you never know what might happen so make sure you have photocopied versions or email yourself so you will have access to them one way or another.

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✰| don't leave luggage unattended
→ pretty self-explanatory but so important - always have someone watching over your belongings no matter where you are.

✰| get behind business travellers when in security lines
→ they move fast. Try to keep up, p.s - never get behind families unless you prefer to go the pace of a snail.

✰| lunchtime is the best time to visit historical sites
→ the sites empty out and you’ll have fewer crowds to fight. Meaning you will have more time to appreciate your surroundings.

✰| carry a basic first aid kit
→ accidents happen so be prepared. Make sure to pack blister plasters especially if you are walking a lot.

✰| book flights 3-4 months in advance to get the best price
→ though don’t drive yourself too crazy trying to get the absolute cheapest fare.

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✰| sunscreen
→ honestly can't stress enough how important sunscreen is. So wherever you go make sure to carry some sun lotion.

✰| be open
→ not everyone is out to get you so engage in conversations - who knows you might make some lifelong friends.

✰| take an empty metal water bottle through airport security and fill it up at your gate
→ drink from the tap when you can - you’ll save money and help the environment.

✰| carry emergency cash
→ be creative when carrying spare cash perhaps stash some in your shoes or under your bra strap - you never know when you might need it.

✰| vaccinations
→ make sure to be fully vaccinated so you don't fall prey to illness - especially if you are somewhere foreign.

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✰| learn some common phrases
→ you don't have to speak fluently but learning some useful expressions like hello and thank you will help to earn the locals respect.

✰| don't over plan
→ let things unfold naturally, leave some free time just to wander and get purposely lost - who knows you might end up somewhere beautiful.

✰| take earplugs
→ there are snorers everywhere, no further explanation needed.

✰| take lots of photos
→ years from now you will look back at all the memories you made and the people who made them memorable.

✰| be frugal but not cheap
→ look for deals and don't waste money but don't miss out on great experiences and opportunities. Time is money so spend both wisely.

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love always,
kat ♡

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