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1. The Saccone-Jolys: This Family of 6 is making my day every day. They post daily vlogs sharing adorable, funny and also heartbreaking moments. Anna and Jonathan have been documenting their life together for over 6 years now showing the birth of their maltese puppies and all of the four childeren (Emilia, Eduardo, Alessia and Andrea). Check them out if you like cozy family vlogs.
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2. Michelle Reed: Michelle is 20 years old living and studying in New York. She makes amazing videos about what to wear to class or how to study effectively. She has helped me massively in my first two years of college. She also gives great advice and talks about the important things in life like stress and self-love. If you are looking for videos about college and life as a young adult go watch her!
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3. Brad & Hailey Devine: Another family channel on my list. Hailey and Brad have two incredibly cute daughters (Lucy and Greta). They post travel videos and weekly vlogs. Greatest weekness: Disney. Their Disneyland vlogs are the best! As they are both videographers all of their travel videos are amazing! They make me want to travel everywhere! Every year they also hold a Service Mission. This year they went to Zambia. Check them out!
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4. Hermione Chantal: She makes DIY and home decor Videos for people on a budget. I love her sense of style in home decor. She give you tips for getting furniture and decor for cheap and does thrift hauls a lot. I also love her "Home DIY-ary" series. At the moment she is renovating an old victorian home and it's amazing!
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5. Valeria Lipovetsky: To me personally Valeria is one of the most beautiful humans ever. You may have seen her before in advertisements as she is a professional model. She does a lot of fashion and health Videos on her channel but also gives great adivce. She recently had her third baby boy. Her vlogs are also amazing. She has a great sense of humour and her husband is the cutest! One day I want my husband to be like Gary Lipovetsky.
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6. Three Birds Renovations: Last but not least we have a recent addition to my favourite Youtube channels. Bonnie, Erin and Lana renovate ugly houses and make them so aesthetically pleasing! They have also recently renovated Bonnie's Dream home. It's so extravagant I nearly had to cry but it's amazing anyway. One of the best things about their videos are their Aussie accents though! So if you like home renovations check them out!