Yesterday I went out for lunch with my boyfriend in Hannut, Tarte et Quiche. A cute little place where they serve cakes, quiche, salads and grilled toast.

I chose the Atlantic grilled toast. it’s made with smoked salmon, onions, fried onions,tomatoes, ricotta and a dressing with a salad on the side. Oh my god, that was just wow, just amazing, delicious and healthy! The dressing was delicious, the grilled toast was amazing and fresh. Only the salad, for me there was too much lettuce and not enough tomatoes, carrots and corn. There could have been some cucumber in the salad . But for the main part, it was delicious!

Now the service, I can’t find any faults. They were friendly, helpful and served with a smile.

This is their web, they are originally based in Liege: