This is my first article, hope you like it :)

Hi guys,
Just to quickly introduce myself, my name is Lea, I am 17 years old I am german-thai, I am currently studying at a small international school in Thailand and am student council president.

My dream is to become a doctor, and study university in Germany. So I took a long time thinking about it and eventually decided to take an internship to test myself. I contacted a few people, and eventually got an internship at the main public hospital in town.

I just finished my first week of internship in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, and let me tell you all about it, because normally high school students aren't allowed to witness such things that I got to see. (My internship was from 8 am till 4 pm)

So the department had 8 beds, and 15 total nurses working on 3 different shifts that were either 8 hours or 16 hours long. The department was air conditioned and well cleaned. Most patients in the Surgical intensive Care Units were from heart and abdominal surgeries mostly. Since the hospital had other ICU departments for TRAUMA, NEURO and BURN.

I couldn't get an internship to be with doctors, because they only take university interns, but instead got to be with the nurses that were really really nice and taught me a lot.

I learned a whole lot of new vocabulary, learned all about the drugs, the monitors and materials used. Some patients were in very good conditions after the surgery while others weren't so good.

Doctors come in and out throughout the day to check on their patients. And performed procedures such as blood taking or getting them ready for another surgery.

I'd just say that there were interesting times when there are new patients coming in, the patient is cut open to insert tubes and other procedures are done. But then again it got boring when there was nothing new to see.

On my final day in the ICU, I was actually sad to see that one patient was in very critical condition who was not improving and had a defibrillator. And was having a Petrioneal Dialysis. I spend most of my time observing the data monitors and researching terms, since there was times when there wasn't anything to do.

In the last hour I asked the nurse to give me another tour, which was when she showed me the other ICU departments... And that was when it hit me. Seeing a stitched closed heads... in the Neuro ICU department. I learned that I don't feel comfortable being a Neuro Surgeon. But I still found the Trauma and Surgical ICU the most interesting and feel pretty comfortable about it.

Next week I will be in the Emergency Room, and I am so excitedddddd!!!!

Saying bye to the Surgical ICU department was sad, because I felt how close all the Nurses were and they seemed like family to one another. And that is what I want to achieve too someday.

My tip to you guys out there is that, don't stress about deciding your future job too quick, take your time, take an internship and take your time deciding.