We create a conception about something to feel better or to believe in the idea that we want to believe.
In order to believe we need facts, like a table need legs to stand up, so in a simple comparison, the facts are the tables legs and the top of the table is the theory.
That facts are the ones that are going to hold or conception or theory. They are going to be the legs that make our table stand up and keep it from falling apart.
People only believe, if they let themselves believe and be opened mind to the conception or theory.
If they aren’t like that, for more facts that we add and give to them or for the most convincing tone of voice that you use, they would never.
So it’s because of that that you can’t put a theory on someone else mind in a whole. You need to break the theory and slowly add the facts to their lives, in order to they believe.
It’s like that magic trick, that isn’t a magic trick but a manipulation of your mind. During the day, you are going to look at the clock and it’s going to be six o’clock, the room have six tables, you have six unanswered calls, someone asks you to bring six waters to the class, in the cafeteria someone asks for six coffees, in your desk you have six notebooks. So when somebody asks you to say a number, you are going to answer six, because you passed the day seeing a six, like a number or a group of six objects.
You are created to think in a certain way.
I think that you can call it a prefabricated idea, that theories are theories that people, the society is being teach to us on a daily basis.
When we are kids and we have a brain that it’s in a development phase and the theories that people tell to us can’t being changed or doubted because as a child you don’t have access to information unless it’s provided by your parents, friends our the inner circle of people that you are with.
So, your mind is being “created” by someone else, is being build by someones conceptions and ideas of the world. Because of that you know that a pen is a pen and what it does, because someone told you how to call it, what it is, how to use it and you start calling it a pen and use it to write as you have been told that the use of it is write. A pencil is used in the same way and the purpose of it it’s to write, but you don’t call it a pen, because someone told you that it’s different and you should call it a pencil.

This are proves that the theory is correct.
We suffer the assimilation of this conception with the time. So now if someone tells you that a pen isn’t a pen, we don’t believe. But if you start seeing a pen to cut paper, at first you think that it’s insane but with the time you start doubting of yourself and thinking that you are the one that is wrong.
That happens because you feel the pressure of everybody using the pen for other purpose and you start associating the pen to cutting paper. It’s like the facts that are holding the top of your table with the theory that a pen it’s to write, became shaky with your doubt.
This is a bad example, but I think that you can understand the idea of it.

Written by
Carina Queirós