I am literally an AUTUMN KID. If you are curious about to know why I love autumn so much read below 👻 🤙

Those colours!

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Life is just so much brighter and happier when orange, red and all their shades are literally everywhere. It's a perfect time for really appreciating nature that is all around us.

Cozy clothes!

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Who doesn't love big cozy sweaters, scarfs and boots. It's time for hiding in big coats and also a perfect one for all black everything!

Warm drinks and pastry!

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Is it just me who has coffee and some sweet, delicious pastry every day in autumn? Hope not. It's not only time for Pumpkin Spice Latté but for all coffee/hot chocolate/tea - whatever you prefer.

Fall make-up!

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Fall is a perfect time for going a little big extra - like dark lips. You do not have to be afraid of sweating or freezing so when is it a better time to show your makeup skills?

Early evenings!

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It actually is advantage! Early call for meeting your friends and join for a wine, grill party, beer in a pub or just watching Netflix and having a pizza in a bed.

That air!

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Me personally just love running in that crispy air that is calling for winter coming. But also hiking, yoga or trips are something very special in autumn. And even better when you are looking forward to warm yourself after being outside.


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Not only that everything gets spooky and cozy but also all those decorations - lights and pumpkins are everywhere. Halloween, for me at least, is also Harry Potter time. And, of course, the Halloween party!

Hope you had a nice time and feel free to send me your own ideas - I just love talking about autumn!

Have a great day!