I built a wall
Made of cement and concrete
Solid steel bricks so that no one could cross me
Which makes me nervous to see
Someone breaking the wall which I built for me
Every kiss is a brick
Every touch is a hammer
And as my walls slowly collapse
And the light starts to show through
I see a face in front of me
And I know you see me too
You see me bare
No metal no brass
And the scariest thing for me
Is to let you pass
Pass through my halls and corridors
Empty and Brisson
And slowly with your hazel eyes
You put up pictures
Pictures of things I’ve never seen before
Pictures of things I want to explore
And as I let my guard down you open the front door
Because there are no walls to be filled with pictures anymore
And through the years the pictures turn to glass
Each stab sharper through my back.
As I let the time pass
And my corridors are happy no more
I build a new wall and a living room door
And once the wall is fully built
You come back and my concrete is spilled
Though I know you’ll do the same thing you've done before
I let you open the living room door
There is still a little hope that maybe you’ll stay
But as I stare at the damage the hope fades away.