hey guys. :) i was thinking of what to write next, because i haven't posted anything for almost a month and then the idea of a "fall lookbook" came to my mind. i've always wanted to make something like that, so here it is. enjoy!

fashion, outfit, and style image
fashion, style, and white image black, outfit, and style image
white turtleneck, black skirt, cardigan
asian, clothes, and girl image
aesthetic, brown, and beige image fashion, shoes, and jeans image
beige coat, black turtleneck, jeans
fashion, jeans, and kfashion image
adidas, aesthetic, and style image fashion, aesthetic, and girl image
mom jeans, sweater
asian fashion, kfashion, and kstyle image
fashion, denim, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image
jeans jacket, black trousers

these were the four outfits. i hope i could help you a bit with choosing fashion items for fall. :) thanks for reading!

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