Hi everybody!

In case you didn't know, today's my best friend's birthday! And to celebrate her special day I decided to write this article. So, my babygirl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you enjoy. @moonlightdaya

The beginning..
We met each other somewhere in the internet and I think it's mind blowing how the universe someway managed to make us meet casually. We match perfectly and I cannot think of anyone that could ever replace you. I don't wanna do this life with anyone but you!! We're always on the same page, we share a lot of passions and we are telephatic, that's coconuts!

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What we have..
What we have is something that I hope everybody can experience in their life honestly, cause it's beautiful ans full good and positive vibes. Just the thought of our friendship could make my mood go from zero to one hundred real quick.

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The Kylie to My Kendall
You are, as the whooole world knows yet, the Kylie to my Kendall, and you'll always be. I love you just like Kendall loves Kylie, even more! And you complete me as Kylie completes Kendall. I wouldn't be the same without you. You changed me in such a good way.

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You taught me to always look for good in people, to always try to stay positive, to smile and go on in front of every situation. You really did teach me all of this even if you didn't know you did! You're maybe wondering how. You did it all just being yourself. Your beautiful self taught me all of this every day.

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Our inside jokes..
Like, who gets me if I type the bear emojii and a smirky face? Only you do! We have our little things and inside jokes and they make our special friendship even more unique.

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..and our special day!
The so famous day that we're dreaming about since forever! Remember? We have to eat lots of stuff and take plenty of pictures together and then we have to throw up everything and maybe take a picture of that too, why not? LOLLLLL.

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The Betty to my Veronica
Yeah, you're also they Betty to my Veronica, don't you ever forget that! You support me just like Betty does with Veronica. And also you're the smart one while I'm the extra one!

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Once again, just like Betty to Veronica, you complete me!

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I love you a lot, and I consider myself so lucky to have you. I wanted to remind you all that you mean to me, everything I wrote isn't just some random stuff somebody would say. This all truly came from my heart. I love you. Happy birthday, once more together!

From Grey to May.