hi guys, it's been a while since i've write something, so today i'm gonna talk about something that's been disturbed me for awhile.

so hey, right now my location is in the united kingdom, it's crazy because i've never tought in a million years that i could ever be here, but here i am, anyways, i've been living in this small town called leeds, (yeah i know not london unfortunately) i've moved from lisbon, if you guys don't know here that is you should definitely check it out, you wont regret it i promise! but let's talk about something important, as you all know i'm a recent young mom (not so young, since i'm twenty two now lol) and when i moved here i was pregnant, so when i moved i didn't know anyone, still don't know anyone yeah some things never change, you know sometimes i think i'm guilty because, i have a bubble and i love my little bubble it makes me feel comfortable, but here i feel like that bubble is getting overload, what i mean by that is, i've been feeling pretty lonely ever since i've moved here, you know isn't easy moving to another country and start everything again, especially at 20 (i was twenty when i left lisbon) so now imagine it is hard leaving all your life behind, but i had positivity thoughts because i was going to put a human on earth (lol) wich by the way don't get me wrong, i love being a mom, but parenting especially when you are on your own, it's hard, everything is on you, and you feel really tired and exhausted, i don't even recognize myself anymore, sometimes i feel like it's depression but then i look in the mirror and i tell myself that out there in the world there's people that are going through things worse than mine, so yeah i don't know what is happening, why i'm always so sad, i should be so happy because i have a beautiful and healthy child, it's hard, not having friends, not having anyone you can count on, ladies and gents maternity is lonely..

ps. send me msg if you feel this way, it's good to know that we are not alone

(i apologize for my shitty English)

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