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Hope your day went well! Mine has been hectic haha. Anyways, I have reached day 7 of the challenge.

Day 7; Three things I like about myself

My Honesty

I value honesty above all else, when people lie it drives me crazy. I cannot respect a liar, I'm not sure why but it's always bothered me when someone lies. So if I don't like liars, why would I be one myself? I actually cannot lie, I have a horrible conscience that won't let me lie. Which really, isn't a bad thing is it? I'm very honest and people really respect me for that. People come to me for advice or to talk because I tell them the truth. I'm always a straight up person. And because of it I also have a lot of freedom with going out and doing things. I love it.

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Honesty is the best policy.

My Eyes

This is kind of random but I really like my eyes. I've mentioned this in other articles but, I think my eyes are kinda cool. They are a blue-y green colour. My mom says that they're like my grandmothers, which is cool because I never really got to see my grandma much before she died. My eyes also change colour, some days they're more blue and other days they're more green. When I cry, they go really green. I just think it's really cool, just the colour of my eyes thought because otherwise eye balls freak me the heck out!

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My Dedication

When I like something, I want to be good at it. I work at it. I've been playing rugby for a few years now. I've gone to tryouts and learned a lot. I'me actually one of the strongest players out there, which is funny because I'm a very bubbly, chill, and happy person. People don't believe me when me or the team says I'm scary on the field. I've dedicated a lot of time to bettering myself and I worked really hard to become the player that I am now. I've also been competing in aesthetics and I'm in the school cosmo lab most days. I train the other people in the club and I've dedicated a lot of time to it because it's something I love. I believe in what I do and I dedicate myself to it.

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I'm hard on myself but, I've succeeded because I also believe in myself.

So there you have it, three things that I like about myself.


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