What if the humankind didn’t come of Adan and Eva, or even the monkey.

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would you feel happy for don’t come of species so dirty and hairy?

Well, I will tell you that many years ago we lived on another planet, and this one as shocking as may seem, was what we know as Mars.

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Yes, I remember this planet is dead.

Many years ago it was the center of life in the galaxy. And they weren’t Martians (so an ugly name) they were as humans like you and me.

I'll tell you something about them so you can, believe me, they were much prettier than Marilyn Monroe, more intelligent like Tesla and Einstein together, and they weren’t lazy as me to keep going.

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But the thing is that any of that avoid the fact that they were dying, and all the people knew but only a few were worry about this end.

This is the part that I tell you who our creator was (one of this worry people of course).

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It was the owner of the planet, it wasn’t a crazy rich person that wanted a planet for himself, it was more like the 5 more intelligent in Mars, and these people were in charge of taking care of the planets in our galaxy

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Yes, you can say it was like a cleaning and decoring job.

However, in reality, was more complex, because unlike when you own a house, you couldn’t live on your planet, it was forbidden.

So yes our creator was a badass that didn’t care about rules; she took two humans of Mars and left them here on earth.

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It couldn’t be her, the people could notice that she was gone.

And that is the way our journey starts; In the beginning, she helps us a lot, we were only babies adapting to a new and empty world.

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But then Mars died just like her. We didn’t take the intelligence of mars nor the beauty, but we are still alive with no memory that this happened. And if you open your mind you can realize that we want to go back home before our planet dies too, maybe asking for help to our mother now dead.

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But we aren’t the only children of Mars left (maybe the only dumb ones). There were 4 more planet keepers and that means 4 more planets with humans in it, so you can be happy to know you have brothers in space.

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And as us they're nothing like “Martians”.

However all of them know that they came of mars and know we exist. So yeah what we call U.F.O is our way to say brother.

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Our brothers will come to see us.