this is the perfect season to get cozy and spend hours watching netflix. i've compiled a list of some perfect shows and movies to watch this october :) i hope you try a few of these out!

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" sure, i do marathons ... on netflix "

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friends: season eight episode six

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this is the perfect thing to prepare for halloween .i find this episode literally so funny lmfaoo. and luckily friends isn't really the kind of show where you need to watch everything in order, so if you haven't watched the series yet it will still work out fine!! especially if u aren't feeling good, this will definitely lift your spirits :))

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nightmare before christmas

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well this is a classic! if you havent seen it you need to watch it asap. and the perfect thing is, you can watch it once again when december comes along ;)

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harry potter and the sorcerers stone

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another classicccc. harry potter is perfect for the cold seasons bc... idk it just makes me feel so happy and cozy during winter. the sorcerer's stone is also the only movie with a halloween scene (i think) and it's also the first one so it's the perfect place to start!

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sabrina the teenage witch

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suchhhhh a 90s aesthetic !! i'm obsessed with the og and the cartoon as well. this show is just such a classic and so funnyyy.

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coraline!! literally my favorite movie of all time. if youre not into super scary stuff but still want something creepy, this is perfect! its funny too and the animation is incredible

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that's it for today babes! thank you for reading and im sorry it has been so long <3

- audrey