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this is a list of 10 television shows that everyone should watch based on my own opinion of these shows!


gif, skam, and evak image bed, couple, and skam image
norweigan drama series that follows the daily life of teens. the main character is different each season // evak is endgame.

that 70's show

that 70s show image Image by Carol
comedic show is set in the 70's and follows the lives of a group of friends as they grow up. // michael and jackie ♡

the office

funny, the office, and britney image Image removed
mockumentary set at a paper company and follows the lives of the employees. i've seriously rewatched this show ten times over!

grey's anatomy

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this is another one of those shows i've rewatched time and time again! it follows the lives of the surgeons who work in a hospital. there's drama, tragedy, comedy, romance, medicine, etc.

the handmaid's tale

Image by mattamanga Image by hirari
based on a book written about a dystopian future in which women are treated as property of the state after the world is faced with enviornmental disasters as well as a birth rate which is plummeting.

the vampire diaries

damon, stefan, and the vampire diaries image ian somerhalder, paul wesley, and the vampire diaries image
supernatural drama tv show which follows the life of elena gilbert after her parents have died in a fatal car accident. contains vampires, werewolves, hybrids, witches, doppelgängers, etc. // i rewatch this one a ton.

stranger things

stranger things, lockscreen, and wallpaper image stranger things, lockscreen, and wallpaper image
netlix drama set in indiana in the early 80's. one of the main characters go missing and his friends and family set out to find out where he went, the answer being something they never could have expected.


girl, mood, and phone image shameless, gallavich, and mickey image
follows the lives of the gallaghers, the oldest child raising the five younger ones because their mom left and their father is an alcoholic and doesn't parent as he should.

desperate housewives

Image removed Image by Eterno Caos
follows the wives of four housewives after their friend does something they could have never imagined. it's comedic and romantic and something i could watch again and again.


NBC, parenthood, and review image NBC, parenthood, and tv image
follows the lives of four siblings while they try to raise their own children. it's comedic, dramatic, romantic and all around it's just a really amazing show that i could watch over and over again.
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