hello, i hope you like this article and listen to this amazing artists.

sabrina claudio

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her songs are really relaxing and they make you feel sexy, i recommend listening to ‘confidently lost’ and ‘unravel me’. her videos are amazing and unique, she’s really pretty and she deserves more recognition.

j balvin

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he's one of my favorite singers, he is so nice, humble and has an amazing voice, he is colombian. i recommend listening to 'no es justo', 'downtown', 'ahora' and 'cuando tu quieras'.

bomba estereo

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they are a colombian band, amazing voices, really unique style i recommend listening to 'fiesta ft will smith' and 'somos dos' they deserve more recognition, they are really underrated, they are doing their tour now, tickets are like $50 (usa) so maybe you could go and enjoy that unique experience. (really recommend it).


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i know you all know him, but you should listen to his album, it's amazing, zayn is so talented, his voice is incredible, my favorite song is 'befour' but i love 'lucozade', 'rear view' and 'wrong'. it's so different,, 1d who?

hayley kiyoko

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she is lesbian jesus literally, her songs are amazing, she's so kind to her fans and really talented, please listen to 'curious', 'what i need' and 'feelings'. she deserves more recognition and deserves all the awards in the world.

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