Hi! I’m sorry I didn’t write sooner but the last days of the trip were very busy. This time I will tell you about El Calafate, it’s a city also located in the Patagonia but more to the north than Ushuaia, it’s smaller too and the geography is different because the landscape is steppe but getting to Los Glaciares National Park you will see forest.

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This article will be short because I was there a couple of days but I will let you a little list of things that you can do. Let’s start!

Los Glaciares National Park

Basically, the biggest attraction of the city. The glaciers are amazing, they are the most astonishing thing I’ve seen, the feeling that gives you been there so close and watch (or hear) the ice detach is just breathtaking. I can’t explain how it really is but I tell you that it’s a must in your list of things to do/see before die.

landscape image

The most famous (not the biggest) glacier is the Perito Moreno, you can see it sailing the Argentino Lake, it will take you really close, and the pictures could be beautiful or you can walk through different trails in the park that have balconies where you can see the glacier in a more panoramic way.

I didn’t know this before the trip, or I would’ve done it, but definitely you should do ice trekking, it’s literally walking on the glacier.

argentina, glaciar, and Perito Moreno image

Go to an Ice Bar

A bar made of ice! It depends on each bar but the temperature could be between -8 and -15°C. I went to Yeti Ice Bar and pay a unique price to enter the bar and drink everything I wanted for half an hour, this could sound like few time but in that cold it’s not, believe me. Before you enter, they put you a thermal coat, gloves and some things in the shoes so you won’t fall because the floor is also ice.

argentina and icebar image

Some of the glasses and cups are made of ice too and the drinks and cocktails are good, in this point I suggested you to taste the Liquor of Calafate because, as you can imagine, it’s a typical fruit from the place.

alcohol, vodka, and drinking image
Note: The free bar includes drinks without alcohol.

Walking downtown

I think this is a must do in every town or city because it is where you can find the characteristic souvenirs, but most important, the soul of the place. The shops are cool and the restaurants really good, and there you will find the traditional food. I ate, and recommend, Calafate ice cream and of course bought some gifts for friends and family.

ice cream, food, and sweet image

Things I didn’t do but you should

Visit Cerro Frías, you can go taking a tour in a 4x4 vehicle, trekking, cycling or riding a horse! Visit a Estancia, go to the ice rivers, Nimez Lagoon, Walichu Caves and the museums.

I hope you liked it, my next article will be about Bariloche, see you!