Let me tell you a cheesy love story, one that never ended; a love story that I had almost forgotten about, until it came back to me, unexpected.

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I was only fourteen. Stupid and dumb, desperate for something to bleed.

He was on my school bus, and we clicked. He gave me the blood I needed to make myself feel clean.

But, it was nothing. Simple chatter and laughter and uncontrollable vulgar banter, and it was nothing, you see.

Because I had a boyfriend already. He couldn't take me.

Everyday, we'd talk on that bus. Sometimes, I'd linger, head on his shoulder, fingers all over, but it was nothing, you see.

One day though, I realized that I was falling out of love with my lover, hands no longer on one another, and that I was falling in love with him.

That was when everything was different. And we weren't afraid anymore. And we held each other closer, smiling like fools, teaching each other how to be human.

But, it was nothing, you see. Because we never "labelled" ourselves as anything. We just relished in this young love, oblivious to the crash at the end.

And it was perfect, and I fell hard. And we were happy, I was happy, for I had finally found someone that made me feel so clean.

One day though, a birthday, the crash had arrived. And he broke my heart, and he said he wasn't ready, and he let me be.

It was just silence after that. Silence, for two whole years.

Glances in the halls, short, quick conversations by lockers. Silence, and nothing. And then, he leaves.

And I felt peace.

Peace, for not being able to see his face every day, peace for not getting nervous around him, peace because I wasn't closed in anymore.

Yesterday, he had the audacity to come back to me again. He comes back to visit the school, and our eyes meet, and suddenly I'm that fourteen-year old girl again; head on his shoulders, fingers all over.

I came back home that day and took the shirt he gave me, and fell into a deep sleep.

Flashbacks of you and me like distant memories. Tell me why is it that every time I see you, your face makes me remember all adulteries