Hey Guys! My name is Marcela and today I'm going to write day 6 of "30 Days Writing Challenge". I hope you like it and you can get to know me better. So let's go...

Day 6: Five ways to win my heart

1- Be funny

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Nothing can win my heart than make me laugh! To me is very important a boy who can see humor in things. I love it because it makes life lighter.

2- Be affectionate

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I love when shows affection! This is so cute and beautiful. Kisses, hugs, caress... I just love it!

3- Be smart

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A smart guy who can talk about everything to me is wonderful! He doesn't need to be the smartest in the world, but being smart and versatile is great.

4- Demonstrate caring for your family and friends

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Being nice and loyal with him family and friends says too much about the way he will treat your girl (in the case, me). A boy who cares about the people around him is someone I want by my side.

5- Know how to cook

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Cooking for me and you'll got my heart! That simple. I love to eat and a guy who cooks would be perfect.

So guys that is the 5 ways to win my heart! I hope you like it and you have know me better. thank you for read and for your patience with my english, I'm still learning.
Stay beautiful!