I've always wanted an internet friend. I have like.. one. but it would be cool to have more. Finding like actual real friend like from school and stuff is kinda hard because i dont have the best reputation there... So if you Would like to be my friend just send me a message!

I Want to be friends with somebody who i can message and vent to, and they do the same. If you dont reply fast or you live in a different timezone where my nights are your days and my days are your nights please dont.

If you are saying ''Eh.... I dont really know...'' Just know that im actually really nice and my bad reputation is just stupid rumors people like to start.


Let me tell you some facts about myself!

*I Live in Houston, Texas

*I'm 13 in December

*I Like to read

*This switch in friends has made me a bit depressed so my mental health isn't always at its best. (That why I would like some more friends!)

*I'm Adopted

I Live with my mom and my older brother is in college. (I dont have a dad

*I like to read

*I looove chill music. Actually, I like all music.

*I'm actually really funny.


Those are just a few things.

I'm not really picky about age but please dont be creepy!