Hello WHI Readers!

It's been a while since my last article, but since it is now spooky sznnn, I thought that I would make time in my busy schedule to write for you guys! Since Halloween is quickly approaching, I thought it was only fitting to write an article to give you guys some inspiration if you were thinking of dressing up this year.

Read ahead for some fun and easy-to-recreate Halloween looks!

Makeup Looks

Spooky-themed Eye
Halloween, makeup, and girl image
do a smokey eye that goes well with your outfit, and draw halloween-ish figures with different colored eyeliners.
Pretty Scarecrow
Halloween, makeup, and sunflower image
create a glittery eye look, and draw a sunflower around one of you eyes using eyeliner or face-paint. next, draw a skeletal mouth.
Glam Clown
clown, makeup, and halloween makeup image
do a full face of glam. Then with eyeliner, draw the triangular eye details and extend the corners of the mouth. Also draw on the nose. To finish it off, add glitter over the details.
Art Canvas Glam
art, girl, and inspo image
this one is good because there is no pressure to be precise. using colorful eyeshadows, place them where you want them all over your face, building up the pigment. then, blend them together until they're seamless. next, create a dramatic effect by placing a black shadow/gel liner/facepaint around the eyes and blend it into the color.
Skeleton Princess
art, beauty, and black image
this is definitely for the more advanced. do a smokey look on the eyes, making sure to keep it very diffused around the eyes to create a hollow effect. create skeletal features by contouring and highlighting. draw in teeth and nose with eyeliner. add jewels to the teeth and eyes, and draw dainty flowers all over. top it all off with a headpiece.

Costume Ideas

Devil / Angel
costume, girls, and Halloween image
The Purge
Mature image
Halloween, costume, and girl image
Mad Hatter
costume, Halloween, and girl image
Kaycee from Bratz
costume, Halloween, and movie image
i honestly thought this was really funny
girl and box image
Mean Girls
loren gray image
Flapper Girl
art, car, and girl image
girl, money, and black image

And that is all! Of course, all of these are only for inspiration, but you can recreate them exactly or tailor them to your likings.

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