I'll never be anyone's number one girl. I'll always be the girl that you keep in the shadows.

A sacred secret that you keep.

The girl you didn't want anyone to know about.
I'll be the girl that you talk to in between actual girlfriends. The one that keeps you company and is there when you need her.

And I've learned to accept that.
It hurts but it's a pain I've gotten used to.
I'll be here to rip out my heart and give it to you and I'll be here to shove it back in when you leave.

I'll be here when you're sad, lonely, and bored and have no one to talk to. I'll be your punching bag. I'm strong enough to handle it now.

And I can pretend. Pretend that we don't talk and pretend not to know you if that's convenient for you. I can be whatever you need.

Because I'll never be anyone's number one girl and if I get to be anything at all to you for a short amount of time then I'm willing to pick up my own pieces when you're done with me.

And I'm willing to break myself if it means something, anything at all to you.

(originally posted on ifonlyloveknew via tumblr)