Hey guys! So it's been a while since a playlist has been done. So here are some songs I hope you enjoy <3

Breathin : Ariana Grande

Temporarily removed beauty, cry, and tears image ariana grande, sweetener, and arianagrande image aesthetic, artists, and beautiful image

Sky Walker: Miguel

Image removed rose, wallpaper, and flowers image

Nina Cried Power : Hozier

quotes, brilliant, and Powerful image pink, neon, and aesthetic image

Sincerity Is Scary: The 1975

the 1975, george daniel, and matthew healy image Temporarily removed

Consequences : Camila Cabello

camila cabello and fifth harmony image couple, gif, and kiss image camila cabello image

Illenium: Reverie.Ft. King Deco

galaxy, planet, and space image sky, stars, and galaxy image

OTW: Khalid

dinner, romantic, and balcony image paris, romantic, and eiffel tower image

Goodnight N' Go: Ariana Grande

ariana, sweetener, and ariana grande image Image removed

So It Goes...: Taylor Swift

Image by Layla city, bed, and sky image harry potter, wolf, and remus lupin image