hey you,

i think i like you.

say what you want,
i know you're not into girls...
i just couldn't help myself
fall for your long hair
fall for your chocolate eyes
fall for your smile.

and you only see me as a friend,
the way
most girls do.

it's okay, it's okay,
you don't need to like me back.

i'll stay here and admire you from afar
isn't that the best way to have a crush?

you're like a star
i try to reach and reach for you
but you stay up in the sky
with your star friends.

and now i have competition
with a boy, no less.

i hope you live well,
love well,
not with me,
but whoever shoots for the stars
with cupid's arrow.

i shot with a finger gun,
silly me.

and i know i won't see you ever again
after this year...
so i might as well
admit to you
my feelings
through a letter
you'll never read
because it'd be awkward
giving this to you.

so let's stay friends,
or i'll just admire you from afar
because that's the best
type of crush.

- your secret admirer (me)

p.s. i will also admire your handwriting from afar. it's too neat for this world.

p.p.s. but maybe that's why you're a star, drifting in space.