This is the worst feeling you could ever feel,
A feeling that nobody cares at all.
Broken down.

I was started moving on from a heartbreak.
So I guess I’m getting back and better, but that’s what I thought. I was wrong.
I promised myself not to fall in love again.
Not to put myself into risk.

I was totally wrong. I met this young man, after a month of moving on from a toxic relationship.
See, I’m so vulnerable.
This young man had a crush on me, he has that strong feelings and all.

I started to trust him. I broke my promise to myself. I am falling, and I thought he’s going to catch me whenever I fall.

But the thought of, I wish I never.

No he didn’t catch me.

I fell so hard.

Rock bottom.

Now I need to move on and a fresh start,

To love myself more than anybody.

I’m just a vulnerable shit.

Too fragile.